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You Should Totally Enter Our Super Snazzy UFC on Fuel 6 Pool on Kountermove

Hi! It’s me! How goes it, everyone? I’ve missed you all terribly. I wanted to make sure to tell you about our super awesome UFC on Fuel 6 tournament that we are conducting over at Kountermove. I’m a Kountermove addict so I figured I’d drag you all down with me, too. The GG2MMA pools generally only cost $5 to enter but you’ll have a chance to win BIG money. This particular pool will have 44 players and will pay out $80 for first place, with a cascading pool that pays all the way down to 11th place. So, your odds are decent, particularly since you’re so smart. I just found out today that the winner of our pool will also earn a GG2MMA badge that will hang out their Kountermove profile forever as an eternal symbol of their victory and general fabulousness. I really, really want one.

To get in on the pool, click right HERE. Good luck!!! I really mean that!

Arianny’s on Top Of The World

Heaven save us from auto-tune.

Photo from Sherdog

Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones the Next TUF Coaches

In the latest installment of WHOOOO, What?!?!?!, it’s been announced that Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones will coach the next season of TUF, giving Sonnen the title shot against Jon Jones for which he so desperately shilled.

This news can best be summed up by this interaction between Midge and Cory:

Midge: So…whatabout sonnen v. Griffin? Does sonnen get the title shot now? Hendo v. Machida gets the winner? I’m so confused…

Cory: cancelled. we all are.

Former UFC champ Matt Hughes says he’s now ‘fully retired’ – Bloody Elbow.

Thanks for clearing that up for us. It was keeping me awake at night.

Thanks for the photo, Sherdog!

Oopsy. Jake Shields Tested Positive For Something.


Photo: Sherdog

First off, I promise we’ll get the site looking all pretty and stuff soon. Donna and I are heading to Paris on Friday and a gal’s got to have priorities. Making the site pretty is not one of them. Second off, did anyone else see that Jake Shields failed his UFC 150 drug test? Oopsy. He gets a six month suspension, a $5,675 fine and his win against Ed Herman is changed to a no contest. What I’m dying to know is what banned substance he was busted on! I don’t even know what the list of banned substances has on it but my mind’s going all crazy coming up with very interesting choices. ¬†Does anyone else wanna play?

Your Daily Sonnen

Has anyone seen this promo for It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia with Chael Sonnen? Color me happy. Two of my favorite things together.


Ronda Rousey in the UFC? Sure, says White.

Photo credit: Sherdog

What better story to have as our first official “We’re Back!” post than the news that Dana White would “absolutely, positively” bring Ronda Rousey into the UFC for one off fights. This is quite a statement from a guy who, when asked when women would fight in the UFC replied, “Never.”

There’s no doubt that Rousey has brought some much needed attention to women’s MMA, and l’m excited about the prospect of women getting some attention in the UFC. In an organization that has made some questionable decisions lately (Silva vs. Bonner? I can’t…) this might be their best idea in awhile. We’ll keep you posted!

Picture courtesy of Sherdog
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